Iowa Sanctuary Movement

A call for Moral Action by Iowa’s Houses of Worship

Iowa Sanctuary Movement


Iowa's Faith Communities Offering Refuge

Sanctuary is one of the most ancient traditions that we have as a people of faith. 

Sanctuary is about providing safe refuge to those who are victims of unjust laws.

Sanctuary is playing a critical role in responding to the current post-election fear and uncertainty that many immigrant families in our communities are facing.

Faith communities in Iowa are moved by the call to love our neighbors as ourselves, as those who are in need of sanctuary are most often long term members of our communities- our neighbors.

Along with partners around the state and country, we have been advocating for welcoming, humane and commonsense policies on the local, state and federal levels for years. Now is the time for us to escalate these efforts and put some skin in the game to keep families together.

Join us or get in touch to find out how you can get involved. 




Iowa: Statewide



Ways you can help:


Provide refuge in the form of long-term housing at your house of worship for individuals and families facing deportation. 


Meet with elected officials to advocate for policies that will provide long-term protection, create welcoming communities and update our nation's immigration system. 

Legal Assistance

Individuals facing deportation need access to high quality legal assistance. 


Partner with congregations providing refuge, helping provide food and supplies as needed. 


Help cover costs associated with providing refuge, including legal costs.