Iowa Sanctuary Movement

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 Providing Sanctuary  & Support

Declaration of Sanctuary

Listed below are the congregations and/or organizations that will provide sanctuary protection and/or support to those who are in danger of deportation.

January 2017

As people of faith and Iowans, we are deeply concerned about our neighbors and members who are immigrants and who are feeling a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty during this time. Our faith traditions share a moral and ethical responsibility to protect and accompany our most vulnerable during this time. Immigrants have risked everything to keep their families together, and it is our turn to take risks and work to keep our communities together. We publicly commit to offer or support sanctuary in our sacred spaces and to lift our voices to transform our damaging and unjust immigration laws.

We call on all people of faith and conscience to share our commitment to protect and accompany immigrants facing racial profiling, bullying in schools and other places, workplace discrimination, and deportation.

We ask that our elected officials on all levels join with us to do what they can to immediately support legally recognized forms of relief, such as limiting local cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and a stay of removal or deferred action to all who qualified under previous programs. Furthermore, we urge President Trump to immediately expand deferred action in the most accessible and broadest form, and we call on the U.S. Congress to update and modernize our immigration system including a road to citizenship, the BRIDGE Act and DREAM Act.